A perfect indoor playground:
New dimensions for indoor sports in Rovinj and Vrsar

For generations Rovinj and Vrsar have been creating an irresistible combination of hospitality and top-quality sports infrastructure for active visitors under the Mediterranean sky on the Istrian coast. These idyllic Istrian towns recently have a special offer for indoor sports enthusiasts: with the construction of modern sports halls and courts, they have created an ideal environment for athletes wanting to improve their skills in sports such as handball, basketball, volleyball, futsal, martial arts, table tennis, badminton, gymnastics, but also darts, table football and chess.

This new destination product is being developed in a cooperation between reputable partners – the Rovinj and Vrsar Tourist Boards, Valbruna sport, Montraker from Vrsar and the Maistra hotel company. In order to increase the number of arrivals and overnight stays, these partners have joined forces to create a dynamic infrastructure for indoor sports, and their innovative initiative, which has been developing since 2022, not only enriches Vrsar and Rovinj’s sports offer, but also transforms the way visitors experience it. Since this collaboration not only brings improved conditions to the sports fields, it also helps create a community, encourage a healthy lifestyle and revive the passion for sportsmanship.

Indoor Sport Gymnasium
Indoor Sport Istria

A true pearl in the sports infrastructure not only of Vrsar but also of the whole of Istria is the new sports hall of Saline, which provides professional athletes and teams with fantastic conditions for holding training preparations as well as for organizing competitions. It is just 500 meters from the city center and the same distance from the sea and accommodation facilities. For even easier access, it has its own spacious parking area and is fully accessible to people with disabilities. The 3,200-square meter modular hall was built in 2021 and offers high-quality conditions for training and competitions. In addition to the multipurpose arena measuring 45 x 27 meters, there are also modernly equipped changing rooms, sanitary facilities, wardrobes and storage rooms, while the auditorium has as many as 450 seats. With excellent sound systems, perfect air conditioning and equipment, including a multifunctional scoreboard and LED display, as well as freight access, the Saline Hall provides all the facilities for holding different competitions. From a one-part hall, it can be converted into a two-part or three-part hall, and additional facilities such as a clinic, pharmacy and coffee bar ensure a comfortable stay for both athletes and spectators. Architecturally, it is perfectly integrated into the natural environment, and it is also unique thanks to the breathtaking view it has spreading from the stands over the old part of Vrsar.

Rovinj, on the other hand, offers three sports halls for the preparation of athletes: Valbruna sports hall, located in the immediate vicinity of the complex of football fields that make up a large part of the sports and recreational zone, which are equipped for handball, volleyball, basketball, futsal, gymnastics and badminton, and just 1.4 km away from the Lone Hotel; the 3,500 m2 large sports hall Gymnasium, equipped for handball, basketball, volleyball and futsal, just 2 km from the hotel; and the smaller Pionirski dom hall, which is used for volleyball, dance and ballet, which is only 1.7 km away from the hotel.

The Valbruna, Gymnasium and Pionirski dom sports halls are in the immediate vicinity of the sports and recreation zone, which is mainly intended for football. In this infrastructure zone, there is a city stadium, two auxiliary football fields and a combined smaller field covered with artificial grass, which can be divided into two even smaller ones if necessary. Towards the south, in the immediate vicinity of the Lone Hotel, there are also three basketball courts and clay tennis courts. To the west, about 800 m away, is the city swimming pool. There is also the marked 401 trail, Count Hüterott’s sunny coast, and the Umag-Pula transversal is also on the same route. For outdoor activities, it is best to use the protected Zlatni rt-Golden cape park forest, through which the afore-mentioned trail runs, several bike trails, and there is also a sports climbing area nearby.

Indoor Table Tennis Istria
Indoor Basketball Istria
Indoor Volleyball Istria

Moreover, Rovinj and Vrsar are not only attractive destinations for fans of indoor and other sports, but also host a number of sporting events and competitions. A significant example of this is the extremely successful organization of the qualifying match for the European Table Tennis Championship between the national teams of Croatia and Spain, which took place in Vrsar in February this year. It was in the new Saline hall that our table tennis players qualified for the European Championship in Sweden, and the spectators enjoyed tense and exciting matches between top players.

As well as this, Rovinj and Vrsar have hosted other prestigious competitions, such as the “Galatea Cup” international competition in rhythmic gymnastics, which in April brought together more than 500 gymnasts between the ages of 5 and 23 from 16 different countries. Then the international handball competition “Croatia Youth Cup 2023”, which in August attracted numerous male teams from all over the world, and the “Unisport” university basketball championship, which gathered together the best university male and female basketball players from Croatia in June, and at which truly world-class basketball was played. Rovinj and Vrsar have also organized preparatory camps in table tennis in cooperation with the Vrsar Table Tennis Club and the STK Savez HR Table Tennis Club, which attracted many table tennis players wanting to improve their skills under expert guidance and in a superb environment.

All these activities demonstrate how Rovinj and Vrsar have become very popular among sports clubs, associations and organizers of international tournaments, both from Croatia and abroad. In the last two years, for example, there has been a large increase in interest in using sports halls, and the interest has come from athletes of all ages, from children to adults and veterans. The main foreign markets to send the largest number of athletes for preparations in Rovinj and Vrsar in the period from February to June are Germany, Austria and Slovenia, and the halls are mainly used for club preparations, training camps and tournaments and competitions. The indoor sports represented in the halls in Rovinj and Vrsar are varied and interesting. In addition to the already mentioned table tennis, rhythmic gymnastics, handball and basketball, there is also darts, chess, martial arts and volleyball. For all these sports, Rovinj and Vrsar offer quality sports infrastructure and equipment, as well as professional support and organization.

One of the great advantages of sports halls here is their proximity to accommodation facilities, which offer comfort and service at a high level. Athletes can choose between different types of accommodation, from hotels to apartments, depending on their needs and wishes. Sports halls are also located near cycling and jogging trails by the sea and forests (Kontija, Punta corrente), which also allow for special types of outdoor training. An additional advantage is the proximity to the city centres of Rovinj and Vrsar, where athletes can enjoy a rich cultural and gastronomic offer, as well as a pleasant atmosphere.

Rovinj and Vrsar are therefore ideal destinations for indoor sports, where athletes and clubs can find everything they need for training, development and new sporting successes. These two Istrian cities have proved that they really know how to create new value for visitors in the market of special interests, which is based on quality, innovation and cooperation. The blend of the beauty of nature, the wealth of culture and top sports infrastructure make Rovinj and Vrsar examples of a unique offer that meets the most diverse needs and wishes of sports activities enthusiasts, both indoors and outdoors.

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