Villa La Reina

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Villa La Reina is situated in a very peaceful and intimate location right next to the Limski Canal (Lim Bay), which is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Istria. The channel is a bit longer than 10 km and it is on both sides surrounded by steep cliffs. The villa impresses with its cutting-edge design. It takes full advantage of mesmerizing views and creates a comfortable indoor and outdoor environment. The modern and minimalistic villa has a very secluded location and offers an exceptional degree of luxury and comfort. Guests can enjoy private access to the sea with its crystal clear water and unique view across Lim Bay.  Because of its size and luxury, the Villa can be used for business meetings, unique private gatherings, romantic holidays, and so on.

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Bedroom #1

1 double bed

Bedroom #3

1 double bed

Bedroom #2

1 double bed

Bedroom #4

1 double bed

Bedroom #5

1 double bed

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