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Explore the most magical places in Istria with our exclusive day tours. Be enchanted by picturesque towns, immerse yourself in the region’s art and history. Each tour offers you also the opportunity to discover Istria from a culinary point of view. 

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“Such a wonderful tour! Anamarija was amazing. So knowledgeable and super friendly! It’s was like touring with an old friend! She shared a wealth of knowledge and was informed and interesting. Definitely would connect to do more tours in the future. We had a great trip and enjoyed our day to the fullest!”

Mo & Cindy

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“Very good guided tour of Grožnjan with tips that ended with a nice wine tasting with a beautiful scenery.”


“We recently spent the day on a truffle hunting tour – it was amazing! Anamarija is a terrific host — very informed about the area, the history and well known to all the local merchants and businesses we attended. Her personality and kindness shines through and she made our day so special. Would highly recommend Anamarija for any tour you may be considering in Istria.”

John & Sandy

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Cuisine: No matter what time of year you visit Istria, Istrian cuisine will be diverse and will surely surprise you. Truffles, olive oil, prosciutto, wines and much more are regional specialities. 

Coastal landscape: Istria is known for its beautiful towns right on the coast. Whether Porec, Rovinj or Pula – all cities are culturally and historically shaped by Italy. The sights in Istria therefore have a diverse and long history. 

Charming mountain villages: Istria not only convinces with dreamy coastal landscapes, but is also known for the many small towns in the hinterland. With is very own flair and beautiful towns like Groznjan, Bale, Hum and many others. It is not without reason that the hinterland of the country is called the Tuscany of Istria. 

Dogs are generally allowed, but please contact us in advance so that we can make all necessary arrangements.

There are no additional costs for you. Entrance fees, tastings and transportation are all included in the price of your tour. 

The tours must be booked at least three days in advance. These three days are needed to clarify all the details with the respective partners so that the best possible experience can be prepared for you. 

Excursion destinations in Istria

Istria: a diverse region rich in culture

Istria is a region of Croatia that has a long and eventful history due to its geographical location on the Adriatic Sea. The region is known for its beautiful coastline with numerous beaches, picturesque coastal towns, vineyards, olive groves and historic towns.

The history of Istria goes back to ancient times. Istria was part of the Roman Empire and was later conquered by the Ostrogoths, Byzantines and Longobards. In the Middle Ages Istria became part of the Holy Roman Empire and later of the Republic of Venice. The Venetian rule had a great influence on the culture and architecture of the region. After the Napoleonic rule Istria became part of Austria-Hungary and after the First World War part of Italy. After the Second World War Istria finally became part of Yugoslavia and in 1991 Croatia became independent.

The culture of Istria is characterized by the long and eventful history of the region. The influences of the various rulers who have ruled the region over the centuries have contributed to Istria’s unique culture. The cultural diversity is also reflected in the architecture of the region, especially in the cities of Pula, Rovinj and Poreč. The region is also known for its traditional cuisine based on fresh local ingredients such as fresh fish, olive oil, truffles and wine.

Famous destinations in Istria

Istria, the largest peninsula on the northern Adriatic, is a beautiful destination with a variety of destinations to offer. Whether you want to relax on the beaches, explore the historic towns or enjoy the breathtaking scenery, Istria has something for everyone.

One of the most famous destinations in Istria is the city of Pula. The city is famous for its Roman amphitheater, which is one of the best preserved arenas of the ancient world. The amphitheater holds up to 23,000 spectators and was built in the 1st century AD. It is an impressive example of Roman architecture and a must see for anyone interested in history. The city of Pula has many other attractions, including the Roman ruins of Nora, the Temple of Augustus and the Kastel fortress.

The town of Rovinj is another popular destination in Istria. The town is known for its beautiful historical center and picturesque streets and alleys. The port of Rovinj is the perfect place for a walk. From here you can enjoy a beautiful view. If you want to look at the town from above, you can climb the tower of the church of St. Euphemia. From there you have a spectacular view of the town and the sea. Rovinj is also an ideal starting point for boat trips to the surrounding islands.

An absolute must for nature lovers is the Brijuni National Park. The archipelago consists of 14 islands surrounded by crystal clear waters. The islands are protected by a national park and offer rich flora and fauna as well as breathtaking scenery. The islands are accessible by ferry from Fazana and many guided tours are offered to explore the beauty of the park.

Another worthwhile destination is the town of Motovun. The town is famous for its medieval architecture and impressive city walls. The town is also famous for its truffles, which can be found in the surrounding forests. There are many restaurants that offer truffle dishes, and every year the city hosts a truffle fair. If you visit the town, be sure to climb the Motovun Tower for a breathtaking view of the surrounding area.

The advantages of a guided day tour

Guided day tours are a great way to explore a new city or region and learn about a variety of sights and activities. Here are some of the benefits of guided day tours:

Comfort and convenience: A guided day tour is a stress-free way to travel because you don’t have to worry about transportation, route planning, or navigation. The guide takes care of all the details, so you can sit back and enjoy the tour.

Local knowledge: A good guide knows the best sights, restaurants and activities in the area and can provide valuable insight and background on the history and culture of the place. This can help you get a deeper insight into the destination than if you were traveling alone.

Socialization: A guided day tour offers the opportunity to interact and socialize with other travelers. It’s a great way to meet new people and create shared memories.

Time Saving: If you have limited time to explore a new city or region, a guided day tour can be an efficient way to make the most of your limited time. The guide knows the best sights and activities and can help save time by choosing the most efficient route.

Safety: If you are unfamiliar with a new city or area, it can be safer to join a guided day tour as you will always have someone with you to help with any problems or emergencies.

In conclusion, guided day tours are a great way to explore a new region without having to worry about the details. With knowledge of the area, social interaction, and time saved, a guided day tour can help you get the most out of your trip and create unforgettable memories.