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Fisherman Festivals

Seafood Festival in Vrsar

About this Event

Once a month, Vrsar’s beloved promenade, known as the “riva,” transforms into a warm and inviting host for the most highly attended festival, celebrating the town’s fishermen and their catches. During these festivities, one can indulge in the succulent sea fruits that the Adriatic Sea offers, while also learning the secrets of successful fishing from knowledgeable locals. Raise a glass of exquisite Istrian Malvazija and let the richness of the sea infuse your soul as you sing under the starry Mediterranean sky during this joyful occasion.

The Vrsar fisherman festivals are a time to celebrate the abundance of fish and sea fruits, extending into the warm Mediterranean night.

Time and Place

About the Organizer

The Vrsar Tourist Board is an organization responsible for promoting tourism in Vrsar.  The Vrsar Tourist Board provides information and assistance to visitors, organizes events and festivals.


Enjoy local seafood

Fishermen Festival in Vrsar
Fishermen Festival in Vrsar
Fishermen Festival in Vrsar

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