Gin Tasting

The Ginsation: Gin Tasting in Istria

In recent years, tastings of various spirits, such as wine and liquor tastings, have become a real trend in Istria. Gin tasting is still an underdog, although there are different flavors and aromas to explore when it comes to gin varieties. At a gin tasting you have a choice of different gins, which are tasted one after the other. A distinction is made between “nosing” and “tasting”. “Nosing” means smelling the gin where you can smell the dominant aromas and harmonious gin botanicals. Similar to a wine tasting, the glass is first swung back and forth so that the aromatic smells allow an initial opinion to be formed.

During the subsequent “tasting” it is enough to take a small sip from the glass in order to taste the individual intense aromas of the gin in your mouth. Usually one or the other aroma is recognized here, which could not be absorbed with the nose. In the finish you get a third idea of ​​the gin. The aftertaste also often hides flavors that develop slowly and are short or long lasting. This complexity of spirit helps gin lovers enjoy every single stage of the tasting.

Gin tasting Istria

Would you like to enhance your holiday with a gin tasting? Then the Gin Up tour is just right for you! End your day with a visit and gin tasting at a local, multi-award winning distillery and learn about the history of gin making. The eco-friendly Boutique Distillery Imagine Spirits, which produces the award-winning Aronia Gin PINK ROBIN, is located in Istria between the picturesque towns of Vrsar and Rovinj. In addition to the excellent Aronia Gin PINK ROBIN, you can also taste the London Dry Gin MIDNIGHT and soon the Tuffle Gin GOLDEN OAK during the gin tasting. The distillery has a very high quality, eco and sustainability standard. The electricity of this distillery is largely generated from solar energy and no fuel is used during the entire production process. The ingredients for the production of the different types of gin are almost exclusively regional organic products.