Olive Oil Farm

Istria’s liquid gold: olive oil

The production of olive oil in Istria has a tradition of more than two thousand years. The ancient Romans, passing through Istria, recognized that the region has very fertile soil and is therefore ideal for planting olive groves. The olive oils in Istria get their very high quality thanks to the favorable climate, the good soil conditions, the geographical position and the long experience of the olive growers, which is passed on from generation to generation.

The most common olive variety in Istria is Buža. The oil quality is excellent and the oil has a pleasantly bitter and piquant taste. However, if the fruits are harvested a little later, then the Buža becomes a sweeter and fruitier oil. Istarska Bjelica is also an autochthonous (native) variety of Istria and is characterized by a fresh aroma, but a piquant and bitter taste. Rošinjola is mostly grown around Vrsar, Rovinj and Bale. In comparison, this oil has a very intense aroma, a piquant taste and a slight bitterness.

Olive oils differ greatly in taste, so it is also important to pay attention to the aroma and bitterness of the oil when choosing olive oil. Fruitier oils can be perfectly combined with fish or salads. Spicy oils with heartier dishes such as cheese, grilled meat or vegetables. However, olive oil, the symbol of the Mediterranean, has always been more than just a food. It is a natural all-purpose product in many areas, for example olive oils are often used as a remedy, fuel or even as a care product for skin and hair. In addition to viticulture, olive oil production has been part of the life of people in Istria for thousands of years and therefore has a high place in Croatian culture and history. Not only culturally, the olive tree is an important part, but also economically, since the sale of olive oil is a significant source of income for many locals.

Due to the thousands of years of cultivation of olive trees, Istria today shows a colorful diversity of varieties with many autochthonous and imported olive varieties. The high quality of olive oils is primarily due to the quality philosophy of Istrian olive growers. The olives are usually always harvested by hand and the olive oil pressing usually takes place a few hours after harvesting. A large part of the olive plantations is managed in an ecologically sustainable manner. So it is not surprising that Istrian olive oil is honored with numerous awards every year.

At the international competition FLOS OLEI, Istria has been named the best olive oil region in the world several times. It is best to convince yourself of the quality and excellent taste of Istrian olive oil with a professionally guided olive oil tasting. Experience during a day trio along the olive tree roads a unique experience. Go on an exciting journey around the history and culture of olive growers in Istria. You can expect olive oils of the highest quality and breathtaking olive groves in the Istrian hinterland.