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Istrian Poetry in Bottles: Malvazija & Teran

Wine culture in Istria is by no means a new trend, but has been part of Croatia’s history for more than a thousand years. It was the ancient Phoenicians and Greeks who discovered the rich soil of Istria and brought the first vines to the Croatian peninsula. The native Histriers tried immediately to cultivate the grapes and in the following centuries the knowledge and technology of wine production constantly developed. Thus, wine has always been an integral part of Istria’s culture. Wines in Istria get their unique taste from the specificity of the surrounding region. Different climate conditions and soils strongly influence the Istrian types of wine. In Istria, the Mediterranean climate meets the alpine air. In addition, four types of soil can be found in Istria: white, grey, black and red soil. Every soil has its own characteristics and influences the cultivation of grapes. But not only the climate and the soil have an impact on Istria’s wine varieties. The different cellar techniques of the winegrowers give each wine its own character.

The two most typical and popular types of wine in Istria are white Malvazija wine and ruby ​​red Teran. In Istria you will also get to know Muscat, Pinot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The white wine varieties thrive best in the white clay soil of inland Istria. There, the well-known fresh and multifaceted aroma of the Malvazija wine comes into its own. The white Istrian wine is most often served with culinary delicacies such as fresh fish and seafood.

On the other hand, the bright red soil “Terra Rossa” known in Istria is ideal for growing red wines, such as the teran, suitable. With the help of the special composition of the red soil, a robust, harmonious and robin red wine is born, provided with violet reflections. Rather, the Teran in Istria is known for its lively fruity notes and full flavor. These fruity, hearty aromas are ideal for a beef steak, perfected with grated Istrian black truffle. A great way to experience the wine roads of Istria is during a day trip: Get to know more about the history of the small hill top villages of Istria and go on an exciting journey learning about the culture and history of winegrowing in Istria. You will enjoy excellent wineries and a great atmosphere for wine tasting.