SAVE THE DATE 24th October 2023

The Signature Dish: 4 of a Kind

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj


Rovinj extends beyond its reputation as a stunning town – it stands as a gourmet destination that beckons connoisseurs from around the world. With its rich culinary heritage and diverse array of locally sourced produce, Rovinj delivers a unique taste of the Mediterranean and Istrian regions. Join us for a bold culinary odyssey, as four globally acclaimed virtuosos lead you on a series of exquisite gourmet experiences paying homage to the flavoursome region of Istria. Each course will revolve around a sustainable locally-sourced ingredient, paying homage to the flavoursome region of Istria. The event will
be elevated by Jelena Radan, one of the most creative and successful singers in Croatia and the wider region.


A culinary delight you will not forget

24.10.2023 – 19.00 o’clock
Cap Aureo Signature Restaurant – 
Grand Park Hotel Rovinj

Meet the chefs - the stars of the show

Jeffrey Vella from Cap Aureo Restaurant Grand Park Hotel Rovinj

He came, he saw, he cooked. Jeffrey Vella is a Maltese chef who has conquered the hearts and palates of Croatia with his sublime culinary creations. Since 2008, Vella has been a culinary luminary in the country, notably as the head chef of Cap Aureo, the renowned restaurant nestled within the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj.

Renowned for his imaginative and meticulous culinary craftsmanship, Vella crafts sublime dishes using predominantly local and seasonal ingredients sourced from nearby farms, markets, and fishermen. Beyond his culinary excellence, he stands as a steadfast advocate for the local community and sustainable fishing practices, embodying a commitment to both gastronomic artistry and ethical responsibility.

In Croatia’s culinary landscape, Jeffrey Vella undoubtedly stands as one of the most ambitious and exceptionally talented chefs, a testament to his dedication to elevating the gastronomic experience while nurturing the local environment and traditions.

Adding to his culinary achievements, the bass, a white fish known for its delicate flavor and firm, flaky texture, takes center stage. Also recognized as branzino, spigola, or lubina in different parts of Europe, this fish thrives in the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Chef Vella sources it sustainably and with the utmost care, ensuring optimal taste and freshness. With his culinary artistry, Chef Vella elevates this humble fish to new heights, accentuating its natural flavors while enhancing it with complementary elements.

Emanuele Scarello & Simone de Luca from Agli Amici Rovinj

Emanuele Scarello, a distinguished chef from Udine, has brought his passion and culinary expertise to Rovinj, where he crafts dishes that pay homage to the richness of local produce. His journey to success was marked by his strategic choice of calling Chef Simone de Luca to oversee Agli Amici Rovinj.

Collaborating with Maistra, Scarello introduced Agli Amici Rovinj, a culinary gem that celebrates the bounty of local ingredients and the picturesque Rovinj archipelago. With a commitment to using locally sourced and seasonal produce, including tomatoes, scallops, trilja, and lamb, Scarello’s menus draw inspiration from his original restaurant, as well as the distinct flavors of Istria and Rovinj.

Emanuele Scarello stands as one of Italy and Europe’s most influential and esteemed chefs, revered for his culinary innovation and dedication to the craft. His culinary repertoire includes the intriguing use of rock samphire, a verdant plant boasting a crisp texture and a subtly briny, salt-kissed flavor. Also recognized as sea asparagus, this unique ingredient thrives along the rugged shores of Rovinj and is hand-harvested, requiring no fertilizers or pesticides. It can be savored both raw and in cooked dishes, seamlessly complementing the delicate brininess of oysters, promising a captivating culinary experience reminiscent of the enchanting Mediterranean landscapes.

Danijel & Ilja Đekić from Monte Rovinj

Danijel Đekić, a culinary virtuoso, undertook a remarkable journey by transforming his family’s tavern into Monte, an extraordinary establishment that proudly holds the distinction of being Croatia’s first Michelin-starred restaurant. Together with his son, Ilja, they embark on a culinary odyssey that brilliantly captures the essence of Rovinj and its enchanting surroundings.

At Monte, Danijel Đekić curates vibrant menus that serve as a canvas for his artistic and whimsical personality to shine through. His culinary artistry is complemented by the expertise of his sommelier wife, Tjitske, who skillfully selects the perfect wine pairings for each dish.

The heart of Danijel’s culinary philosophy lies in the use of seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, ranging from succulent fish and tender meats to an array of vegetables and wild herbs. He pays homage to the rich tradition and authenticity of Istrian cuisine and produce, supporting local farmers and producers through direct procurement.

Among his culinary passions, lobster holds a special place of prominence. Danijel transforms this exquisite seafood in various ways, captivating discerning palates with its succulent flesh and unparalleled elegance. Sourced from the opulent waters of the Adriatic Sea, the lobster is celebrated for its sweet, delicate meat that beautifully reflects the harmonious synergy between land and sea. The utmost care is taken to responsibly source it from local fishermen, selecting it during its prime period to guarantee optimal quality and freshness. Each meticulous preparation aims to elevate this culinary gem to new heights of gastronomic excellence.

Damir Pejčinović from Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery

Here, he showcases his culinary artistry through dishes that seamlessly blend innovation with authenticity, paying homage to Mediterranean cuisine and the wealth of locally sourced produce.

Regarded as a true maestro of Mediterranean flavors, Damir Pejčinović insists on using only the freshest and most premium local ingredients in his creations. His culinary prowess has earned him membership in Relais & Châteaux, an exclusive association comprising world-renowned chefs and luxury hotels. Among his signature dishes, the spotlight falls on tantalizing truffles, succulent sea bass, and delicate scallops.

Pejčinović’s culinary journey is deeply rooted in the rich gastronomic heritage of Istria, from which he draws profound inspiration. He leads his team by setting a compelling example, championing principles of sustainability, and believing that food serves as a powerful medium to forge connections and share meaningful experiences.

Among the treasures of the sea, the octopus symbolizes the region’s profound affinity for seafood, reflecting a pinnacle of culinary excellence. Harvested responsibly using traditional traps that minimize ecological impact, this enigmatic creature conceals within its intriguing appearance an exquisite symphony of flavors and textures. Sourced locally, it ensures the delivery of premium seafood straight from the sea. When paired with the finest regional wines, carefully selected to complement its nuances, the octopus unveils its lean, protein-rich meat, offering a multitude of health benefits.