Istrian Cooking Class

Immerse yourself in the Istrian Cooking Class and unveil a culinary adventure that transcends the ordinary.


Hosted in the welcoming kitchen of a local family’s home, you are invited to explore the intricacies of Istria’s rich gastronomic traditions.

Guided by a culinary expert, the experience centers around the hands-on preparation of a three-course traditional meal. From crafting the renowned Istrian fritaja and pasta, to mastering the nuanced use of regional spices, you will actively engage in the art of culinary creation.

The kitchen becomes a hub of shared stories and laughter. The class not only imparts the techniques of Istrian cuisine but also creates a platform for cultural exchange and connection.

As the aroma of the prepared dishes fills the air, you will gather around a thoughtfully set table to savor the culmination of your efforts. The three-course feast becomes a celebration of newfound skills and shared experiences, offering a profound appreciation for Istria’s culinary heritage.

The Istrian Cooking Class provides more than a gastronomic education; it leaves a lasting imprint of the region’s cultural and culinary treasures. The memories forged during this immersive experience linger, ensuring that you depart not only with a satisfied palate but also with a deepened understanding of Istria’s rich culinary tapestry.



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The trips must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. This time is needed to clarify all the details with the respective partners so that the best possible experience can be prepared for you.

You can cancel your booking 72 hours before the scheduled experience. Simply contact us and we will sort it out.

In the event of a cancellation due to the weather, you will either be given your money back or you can choose a new date for your experience.

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