Top 10 wineries of Istria

There are many small and medium-sized wineries throughout Istria, which annually bring excellent quality wines to the market. Nowadays, many of the wines can be easily ordered online from home. But if you are already in Istria, then you must not miss a wine tasting at one or more of the many beautiful wineries! Find your personal favorite and enjoy the special atmosphere of a winery. As there are many excellent wineries in Istria, it is not easy to choose a top number one. The following list is a personal recommendation.


The small winery Bertosa is located in Kaldir, a small village near Motovun. The authentic quality wines, which are made exclusively from hand-picked grapes, impress with their fresh and fruity aromas. The winery is located in one of the best wine regions in Croatia, characterized by sunny hills and a combination of continental and Mediterranean climates. The warm sea air reaches the vineyards through the Mirna Valley and the big temperature fluctuations between day and night favor the ripening and the aroma of the grapes. The young winemaker family only produces around 20.000 bottles of wine a year and has five first-class wines in its range – you must try the Sparkling Rose! A wine tasting of excellent wines with the most beautiful view of the town of Motovun can be warmly recommended.

Belaj Castle

A castle and winery in the eastern part of Istria that offers some of the best wines in Istria! The drive to the somewhat remote château is definitely worth the trip. You can enjoy excellent wines with a unique view of the vineyard. You can also visit the historic castle. Wine production here has a tradition of more than 500 years and the wines are only produced from the historic vineyard surrounding the property. Be sure to try the fresh Belaj Blend – a light taste of chamomile and dandelion notes is rounded off with aromas of yellow quince on the finish.


The small charming family winery Radanovic is located in the middle of Istria. A real treat in the middle of the garden of a wonderful family! The romantic, playful ambience crowns the excellent wine tasting. The white Malvazija is delicious and if you get the chance, be sure to try the Pet Nat too! In contrast to conventional sparkling wines, this semi-sparkling wine does not contain any external carbon dioxide. The Pet Nat foams with its self-produced carbon dioxide.


The idyllic family winery Matosevic is located near the Limfjord (Lim Bay). In addition to the well-known Istrian wines such as Teran and Malvazija, there are also some interesting cuvées to try at Matosevic. The Istrian winery has gained international fame with its excellent matured wines – the white Grimalda is unbeatable! When you visit the family estate, you will receive a wonderful tour of the beautiful wine cellar and individual wine advice. The following wine tasting you will enjoy in the winemaker’s large green garden.


The Roxanich winery in Motovun is run by Mladen Rozanic and his six daughters. The imposing property alone reflects the creativity and quality of the family estate. The winery and hotel is located in one of the most scenic wine-producing landscapes in the world and produces only limited amounts of wine each year. Roxanich wines are a combination of tradition and innovation and achieve a unique taste pleasure! A tour of the six-story underground manufacturing facility is a unique experience. The wine tasting can be perfectly combined with an excellent dinner on the hotel terrace and a breathtaking sunset! 


The small winery of the Damjanic family is not far from Porec. Through persistent work and a long tradition, the family now cultivates seven hectares of land. With their love of viticulture, they produce first-class wines every year. The range of wines is varied and includes Istrian Malvazija, Chardonnay, Muscat, Merlot, Borgonja and Clemente. You can get very good advice on site and try the diverse wine list!


The Tomaz family winery is one of the most popular and sustainable wineries in Istria. It is located right in the well-known wine region around Motovun and the 23 hectares of vineyards are in close proximity and sight. The winemaker focuses on the autochthonous wine varieties Malvazija, Teran and Muskat. This results in a wide range of very intense and aromatic wines. During a wine tasting, let the charming winemaker explain his unique production method to you and enjoy his selection of expressive wines!


The Veralda winery is located near the famous wine-growing region of Northern Istria between Buje and Brtonigla. The name of the winery was named after the vineyard that is right next to the wine cellar. The family tradition of wine-growing began in 1938 and is known for its creative and innovative wine-making of well-known autochthonous wine varieties. Veralda was the first manufacturer to produce roses from ruby ​​red teran and shortly thereafter became the classic rose production in Istria. A visit to the winery will allow you to be guided through the production facility and taste interesting, refreshing and harmonious wines.


Cossetto is a small family winery that combines tradition and the latest technologies, always with the aim of producing high quality wines. The family with two oenologists welcomes all their visitors to the rustic wine cellar and, in addition to first-class wines, offers very competent advice. You should not miss the autochthonous Borgonja wine at the wine tasting!

Franc Arman

Winemaking has a long tradition in the Arman family. The family has been producing local wines Teran and Malvazija since 1850. With a lot of heart and soul, the family manages to continue this tradition, quality and passion and is constantly developing. A visit to the winery in central Istria is always a great experience: not only do you taste excellent wine, but you also learn a lot about Croatian and Istrian winegrowing.