An evening under olive trees

Enjoy an olive farm walking tour followed by a tasting of premium olive oils.


Summer evenings hold a magical allure, creating a perfect backdrop for connecting with others and exchanging stories after the hustle and bustle of the day subsides. Presented by a passionate couple, these guided tours, held a few evenings each week, are a reflection of their commitment to maintaining an intimate setting. They prioritize limited group sizes, ensuring each tour is a personal experience, an opportunity to share a piece of their story as they unveil the rich tapestry of Istria. The duration of the tours spans approximately 3 to 3.5 hours, promising a memorable journey through the heart of Istria.

The evening begins with a leisurely olive farm walking tour, a unique opportunity to connect with the land and its history. Guided by experienced family members deeply rooted in the region, you’ll delve into the intricacies of olive cultivation, the harvest process, and the art of production. Gain insights into Istria’s rich olive oil heritage, spanning an impressive 2000 years.

Your exploration extends to the 13th-century Sta. Margherita Chapel, a historical gem nestled within the olive groves, offering a tranquil pause to reflect on the passage of time. The journey culminates in a guided tasting of Brist ‘Exclusive Selection,’ an assortment of premium olive oils. A light traditional meal, complemented by sparkling wine, provides a delightful interlude, showcasing the versatility of Brist oils with different dishes.

As the sun begins its descent, witness the breathtaking sunset over the Brijuni Islands, setting the stage for a celestial spectacle. To conclude this enchanting evening, revel in the twinkling stars emerging in the night sky, a fitting conclusion to an immersive experience filled with nature, history, and the shared joy of good company.



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The trips must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. This time is needed to clarify all the details with the respective partners so that the best possible experience can be prepared for you.

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In the event of a cancellation due to the weather, you will either be given your money back or you can choose a new date for your experience.

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