Things to do in Istria

Top 10 things to do In Istria

The Croatian peninsula offers suitable activities for everyone. Whether for gourmet lovers, adventurers or those interested in history. The selection of possible activities is huge, the following “top 10 things to do” is a personal recommendation. 

Hiking at Limskifjord (Lim Bay)

An experience for all hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers is a hike along the Limfjord. Discover the diverse hiking routes and circular trails through the Kontija forest, all of which reveal breathtaking views of the Limfjord. Whether the classic Casanova hike from Vrsar to Klostar or the adventurous pirate treasure hike, which is not only a great adventure for children. The route from the Limfjord to the ruined city of Dvigrad is also becoming increasingly popular! 

Did you know? Limski Kanal or Limfjord are the most common names, but it is actually a bay. Hence the correct name is Lim Bay.

Truffle hunting adventure

An adventure for all gourmet lovers is the well known “truffle hunt” in Istria. With local experts and trained truffle dogs you go on a unique truffle hunt in the forests of central Istria and collect the precious truffles of Istria. The  truffle hunt experience ends with a tasting of different truffle dishes.

Aquapark Istria

If you are looking for a special experience with children, the Aquacolors water park in Porec is a great choice. The water park is one of the most popular activities in Istria due to the great variety of 13 water slides, including the gigantic funnel slide, a large selection of food stalls and sunbathing areas between beautiful flower beds.

Wine tasting

Wine tasting is definitely a must-do in Istria. Malvazija and Terran are autochthonous Istrian wines that you should try while on holiday in Croatia. Every winemaker gives their wines their own unique touch – so it’s best to visit during a day trip a few wineries and try to taste the different notes! Not only excellent autochthonous wine varieties can be discovered, but also classics such as Pinot Grigio, Cabernet or Merlot. In addition to wine tasting, you will learn more about family history, local wine production and the peculiarities of Istrian wines.

Sunset cruise

The best way to end a beautiful day of vacation is with a romantic boat tour with a beautiful sunset. You can pair this experience with a typical Istrian dinner and drinks on the boat. Not only do you see the cities of Istria from a different perspective, but with a bit of luck you have the opportunity to observe dolphins in the wild. For most boats, a boat license is essential, but most providers also rent boats including a skipper.

Tasting of Istrian prosciutto & other meat specialities

Istria is known and loved for its traditionally made ‘Prsut’, which brings with it a taste all of its own. All family farms follow their own traditional recipe, and thus the secrets of making Istrian prosciutto and other meat specialties are passed from generation to generation. Taste during a day tour through the hinterland of Istria prosciutto, sausage specialties and deer salami and learn more about the production and history of the family business.

Olive oil tasting

Olive oils have a long tradition in Istria and are an important cultural and economic part of the local society. Thanks to the thousands of years of cultivation of olive trees, Istrian olive oils are among the best in the world. Convince yourself of the quality at an olive oil tasting and enjoy a stroll through endless olive groves.

Kayak tour

Nothing beats a quiet kayak tour in the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea on an early morning. Explore different islands, beaches, bays and caves that you might not find in this way. Need a little more action? Then combine your kayak tour with cliff jumping – Kamenjak/Premantura is best suited for this in Istria. In almost every town there is one or more water sports centers, there you will find everything your adventurous heart desires!

Liqueur tasting

What would a holiday in Croatia be without a Sljivovic? Croatia is known for its many different liqueurs and spirits. At a Liqueur tasting you can taste everything from the famous “Biska” to the herbal brandy “Travarica”. During the tasting, learn more about traditional Istrian brandies that will surely show you a new aromatic side of the Croatian peninsula.

Gin tasting

Anyone who would like to try some local spirits, should go on a Gin tasting tour. Experience different gins in a multiple award-winning distillery and learn more about the history and process of gin production.